Your mannequin manufacturer from Germany

A system of success

Our mannequins ensure a perfectly set stage for sports and fashion events worldwide. These athletic mannequins authentically showcase your fashions as well as the corresponding equipment. With constantly new cutting-edge concepts, we are able to develop never before seen mannequins.

Your products in good hands

With our new fully movable hand displays in right and left design and equipped with magnets, you will receive countless possibilities of presentation.
For this purpose, we have the appropriate adapters for horizontal or vertical fixation on your slatwall.

Our hands are always an eye-catcher - whether as a single piece, a group or a pair!

Application examples:
  • For gloves
  • Balls
  • Rackets
  • Bags
  • and many more

But we can do better yet!

We are happy to fulfill individual special and personalized customer wishes and convince with our specific solutions. Solutions which are visually convincing and appealing and fit as a whole.  Your custom design is created In close collaboration between you and our sculptor. Beginning with concept development through the three-dimensional presentation of the clay prototype up to the finished products.
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