Fashion mannequins women, men and children

Fashion mannequins

Polarizing, elegant and trendy

Whet your clients' appetite and be a trendsetter with our allround talents in both the casual as well as the athletic sectors. You determine the outfit, our mannequins offer a perfect presentation to showcase it.
It's up to you to choose between our mannequins made in high-quality semi-transpartent fiberglass, reinforced fiberglass plastic or ABS material.

Always the suitable mannequins for your fashion

Casual or street wear - our mannequins presents your fashion authentic. Take our figures and show your wear lifelike in your showroom or your shop-window.
Furthermore you will be found male, female and children mannequins for sale. Have you any questions? Please, let us know. We will help you by questions round about our mannequins. Also for cutomized displays. And with our repair service, too.