Handmade Cildren mannequins in semi-transaprent look with Egghead for sale

Elements kids

exquisite, jaunty and cool

Our new edition child figurines are made to match our high-grade Elements fashion series, and complement the overall image of a harmonious family.
A special synthetic resin with a sophisticated hand-laminated light-weight construction ensures they are unbelievable easy to handle.A dirt-proof seal finish means you will enjoy your mannequins for a very long time. Every figure is a unique specimen with a semi-transparent fibre-glass look! Small design-related variations in the colouring and in the fibre-glass structure are intentional.
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Mannequins as lively children for decoration in your shop window

Extrem light-weight kids dummies. Modern - abstract wiht egghead in semi transparent. Each child mannequin is an unique. The boys and girls models are handmade.