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body fit - atcletic mannequins

Athletic, energetic and dynamic.

Through their enormous body tension and facial expressions, our FX-Range perfectly showcases your athletic fashions. Equipped with a double pedestal system and glass plating, our buff mannequins are the eyecatchers of any window display.
Our FX50 and FX52 mannequins, sporting impressive and distinct muscles, build the highlights of this product range.
FX05 Lady bodyfit
Artikel-Nr: FX05
female sports mannequin
379,00 EUR
plus 19% tax
FX06 Man bodyfit
Artikel-Nr: FX06
standing male mannequin
379,00 EUR
plus 19% tax
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athletic mannequins

Sportive and lifelike - our mannequins present themselves. Straight standing and with authentics muscles. They are all a perfekt eye-catcher for your shop-window or your point of sale.
For Sale will you found in our shop a great selection of females, males and children mannequins.